GPS Fleet Visibility
xiTix™ GPS Fleet Visibility is a state of art solution that helps tracking, monitoring, controlling and managing the entire fleet of school buses in most efficient way. You could achieve all this from the fleet control room or sitting at your desk having real time information on the entire school bus fleet. School Bus GPS Fleet Visibility solution from xiTix does all that you ever needed from a Global Positioning System, much more than only tracking your fleet like other GPS products in the market.
It can answer all your questions such as;
• What is the utilization of your bus fleet?
• Entry & exit time of buses in the School?
• Where is a particular bus currently?
• Which route has been allocated to a bus?
• What is the efficiency of entire fleet?
• How is the performance of your drivers?
With these questions answered xiTix™ GPS Fleet Visibility solution allows you to have full control over your buses. It is a complete solution of all your worries to minimize operational costs, increase revenues and assured customer comforts.
xiTix™ GPS Fleet Visibility solution enables transport authority to have an eagle eye on entire operational fleet at real time. It provides live update on bus arrivals and departures in the school. First hand information on the trips made, trip times, graphical record of fleet utilization etc.
It also provides customized login according to authorization levels.